This is a sneak-peak from a project I did right before christmas. I am thinking about putting together some kind of conclusion of my architectural findings so far. This project, anyway, was involving magnets and a over head-machine.

By the way, I am probably going to buy a knitting machine, and I am feeling really excited about it.



ImageThis is a part from the portfolio project we finished last week. I wanted to experiment with format and not necessarily hand in some papers with my work on. This displays some models from the different projects during the year.



DSC_0117 DSC_0118


These are two aquarelles I made a couple of days ago, trying to capture the incredible light in Umeå. Here in the north of Sweden, the light is breathtaking. Since the sun always is standing so low during the winter months, the shadows get very long. The sunsets are like an explosion of warm colours, beautifully contrasting the blue cold snow.